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1. Principals & Values in Policing

  • Ethics and values are the cornerstone upon which professional policing is built. Everything police officers do, both in public and private lives must be ethical if they are to maintain the confidence and respect of those they are sworn to serve.
  • Principles and Values in Policing is designed to instruct students what can and should be done when facing ethical dilemmas.
  • The values taught by this course are values espoused by every police leader in Canada and police services will look for these qualities in their officers.
Former Toronto Chief Bill Blair speaks to media about the video he presented to the Toronto Police officers about their conduct while on duty .... WATCH INTERVIEW VIDEO

2. Police Service Excellence

Good policing requires the public's confidence. This confidence must be earned day-by-day by each and every police officer. A trusting relationship between the public and the police must be based on professionalism and respect.

Magna Carta Training offers a practical, down-to-earth police service-excellence training course.

Magna Carta's Police Service Excellence course was developed at the request of police chiefs and in co-operation with OTEC, Canada's foremost service-excellence training expert.

Throughout this course you will repeatedly hear about:
  • trust
  • respect
  • ownership
These concepts are fundamental to service excellence but they are also central to professionalism. Moreover, they embody the pride officers' feel in their calling.

Policing is the frontline of the criminal justice system in Canada. The public must have faith that police officers will do their utmost to serve and protect them. That trust must be earned with each and every contact between the police and the community.
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